Benchmarking Flex (BM-FLEX)

Competitive benchmarking is critical in evaluating network quality among wireless telecommunication networks. Test and measurement data is collected over a statistically significant portion of a customer market and simultaneously across all available networks. Routinely, this process generates gigabytes of test data for each hour of collection, creating an overwhelming workload for engineers. Now there is a better way.

The BM-Flex module helps an engineer to compare the QoS of several cellular networks. It is developed on top of the Gladiator post-processing platform and it processes data coming from the Drive Test collection equipment. Gladiator BM-Flex Reports present the results of competitive performance benchmarking between cellular networks servicing a given geographical region.

BM-Flex module

BM-Flex tool is very flexible solution providing a user with great freedom of setting up different operators, Drive test gear configurations, as well as tuning up reporting parameters. Assuming varieties in operator nature, each analysis can be defined with customized set of parameter values.

The principal output of the BM-Flex benchmarking solution is the suites of reports presented in the HTML (.htm) format. All reports are grouped by devices/services, such as voice, data, scanner, and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) (fixed end).

The output of the Drive test tool, vectors and system is fed into a BM-Flex application, which correlates the data and determines the QoS. Finally, produces a prescribed set of engineering and executive reports on the QoS and network’s performance.

  • Reduce time spent on processing and analyzing QoS of several cellular operators
  • Standardize and automate engineering practices for Benchmarking report preparation across the entire engineering organization
  • Centrally manage usage and information dissemination across the entire engineering organization
  • Reduce training costs by centrally capturing and disseminating best practices and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Leverage Gladiator’s embedded expert knowledge to tailor outputs to your company’s processes

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