Custom Design Center (CDC) & Application Development Suite (ADS)

Gladiator solutions contain two primary levels of extensibility and open development including customized reporting, scripting, and proprietary development:

  • Custom Design Center (CDC)
  • Advanced Development Suite (ADS)

These enables users to customize and automate workflow, standardize on best practices, encapsulate Intellectual Property (IP) and create new data interfaces.

Custom Design Center and Application Development Suite

The CDC gives users the ability to create new reports and customize existing reports for output to Excel or HTML files. For each automated workflow, a CDC report template is created through an intuitive graphical interface that allows drag-and-drop of all visualization components into a design sheet.

Advanced Development Suite (ADS) provides command line manipulation of all elements of g-station including input conversion, database manipulation, and visualization. ADS outputs can be executed as stand-alone functions or as feeds into CDC modules.

  • Encapsulate workflow and best practices for easy distribution
  • Reduce time spent on processing and analyzing data, including KPIs, to more quickly arrive at the root cause of network issues
  • Standardize and automate engineering practices for optimization and monitoring across the entire engineering organization
  • Reduce training costs by centrally capturing and disseminating best practices and Intellectual Property (IP)

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