Gladiator g-net is a powerful web-based open platform designed for the management and monitoring of network performance. Its web-based User Interface and dashboard provide comprehensive interactive controls for dynamic data mining, task scheduling, and on-demand access to network resources and reports. The g-net platform is designed with specific features exclusively for Network Operators, System Integrators, Engineering Services Providers, Test and Measurement Manufacturers, and Infrastructure Manufacturers.

g-net supports all major radio access technologies, leading test and measurement tools, and infrastructure types, unifying your access of the network.

  • Reduce time spent on processing and analyzing OSS and DT data, including KPIs, from multiple points of view by up to 300% to more quickly arrive at the root cause of network issues
  • Improve productivity of processing and analyzing KPIs by as much as 600% and overall network performance monitoring efficiency by up to 250%
  • Reduce "Time to Market" to implement new process, KPIs and other changes from 1 week to 1 day
  • Improve engineering organizational speed, efficiency and responsiveness with a scalable, customizable and easy-to-use enterprise solution by up to 300% with a scalable, customizable and easy-to-use enterprise solution
  • Reduce training and other operational costs by up to 67%
  • 5G module fully ready as an upgrade to an existing license or standalone for easy migration to 5G testing and analysis

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