Reduce operating expenses, standardize processes and encapsulate Intellectual Property (IP) into customized applications.

Through its revolutionary open, flexible and lightweight architecture, g-station enables customers to reduce operating expenses, standardize business and engineering processes and encapsulate trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP) into customized software applications for automation.

Gladiator g-station is a desktop-based open platform tailored for the optimization of cellular networks. The solution suite comes with a comprehensive set of engineering tools for drill-down troubleshooting and reporting. The platform debuts the industry's first fully embedded customization and automation engine. Now, you are empowered to customize, automate, and streamline your engineering best practices into standardized and repeatable workflow. The platform features enabling applications and tools tailored to the specific needs of Network Operators, System Integrators, Engineering Services Providers, Test and Measurement Manufacturers, and Infrastructure Manufacturers.

  • Reduce time spent on processing and analyzing OSS, DT and planning data, including KPIs, from multiple points of view to more quickly arrive at the root cause of network issues
  • Standardize and automate engineering practices for optimization and monitoring across the entire engineering organization
  • Centrally manage usage and information dissemination across the entire engineering organization
  • Reduce "Time to Market" to implement process, KPIs and other customer-driven changes
  • Reduce training costs by centrally capturing and disseminating best practices and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Leverage Gladiator's embedded expert knowledge to tailor outputs to match your company's processes
  • 5G module fully ready as an upgrade to an existing license or standalone for easy migration to 5G testing and analysis

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