Virtual Processing and Analysis Centers ( VPAC)

With Virtual Office Centers in the USA, Brazil, and India, Gladiator provides off hour back office processing of log files from clients and staff for wireless network reports. This service provides:

  • Cost savings
  • Faster turnaround
  • Cloud storage, processing, and backup

Gladiator provides standard reports as well as customized reports for specific customer requirements. For companies considering this service, Gladiator provides a free first “ trial” report to experience this service. Please contact your local representative for details.

Solution Training


  • All Gladiator solutions are packages with online training which can be completed online in two days or broken out over a period of time. Once completed, each student is eligible for Gladiator support for ongoing projects and new features.


  • As an option, Gladiator can provide onsite hands on training for all Gladiator solutions and features. For large clients, this many also include installation and configuration.

Technology Transfer Programs (TTP) for inhouse report generation

For G-Net clients setting up an inhouse VOC, Gladiator provides a Technology Transfer Programs (TTP) program which consists of a package of training, onsite support, installation, network configuration, and consulting to insure the exact reporting and analysis requirements are met.

Manpower and Project Management

For clients that require temporary staff for Project Management , Engineering, or other technology driven staff, Gladiator can assist. With an inhouse staff of over 500 engineers as well as our database of industry leaders, Gladiator can provide manpower to meet your needs for short to longer term assistance.

Drive Test Equipment Leasing Programs

Leasing Programs

  • As Gladiator is a comprehensive solution for wireless drive test analytics and part of a larger wireless organization, we are also one of the largest global purchasers of drive test gear. This unique position allows Gladiator to package industry leading drive test gear with the leading analytics solution for a complete turnkey package provide substantial savings to our customers. As the packages vary by region, please contact your local Gladiator representative for details.

A Strong Commitment to Customer Success